Company misson

LC System is a young, innovative and profit orientated company in the  product stabilisation and development business. Through patented, self-levelling technological innovation, LC System shall endeavour to constantly grow and expand our range of products that genuinely satisfy our customers' product stabilisation needs. LC System shall continue to develop and manufacture products that improve the safety and ease-of-use to already existing construction, garden, farm, recreation, trade and DIY products. By end of year 2021, LC System expects the LCS branded products to become globally recognized, capturing a modest percentage of the global market share, with each product category.


Research and Development

We have 3 fully developed products that are available fro wholesale purchase . Our next challenges for R&D are roadsigns, platforms and chairs.

Quality Assurances

We are very proud of our products and we stand behind the quality and workmanship that went in to manufacturing them. We individually test every wheelbarrow before packaging. We aim to have a zero defect rate, but the reality is more complex. From the time production materials enter the factory, are manufactured, transported overseas, warehoused, freighted to retailers and then purchased and brought home by end-users many things could happen to the products that are beyond LCS control. Therefore, we realistically forecast that for every 10,000 wheelbarrows manufactured and sold, 50 wheelbarrows will have some form of defect when purchased or when used. That’s a defect rate of 0.5%.

We genuinely do not want to sell any items that are not fit for its described use (it’s also against the law) - but there is a 0.5% of a chance that it may happen. If distributors discover more than a 1% defective rate upon delivery, we ask distributors not to ‘on-sell’ the products. Simply return the entire product model order to LCS (at our cost) and we shall re-manufacture and re-deliver promptly, at our own expense. LCS is not willing to sacrifice our quality and reputation for short-term profit gains.


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